Marine Travel

Our Marine Travel Services are handled by a team that is composed of experts in arranging the specialized travel needs of ship owners, ship managers, offshore and energy companies, crew agents and security companies. Having partnered with IMTG, a group of marine companies in different countries we have been efficiently providing services to the industry’s travel requirements worldwide. These are further enhanced by our solid airline support by providing the best routing and cost-efficient fares, among others.

International Marine Travel Group

IMTG is a leading global Travel Management Company specializing in the movement of seafarers and offshore crew, developing travel solutions that truly support our customers. Offering the highest quality levels in the travel industry. Providing global services that are locally managed. This is what IMTG stands for.

Global Head Office

Phone: 3120 6 800 80

What We Do

We provide services that support our customers to manage crew replacements and drive down the costs involved. We ensure your travelers arrive at their destination. Safe and in time.

Flexible Solutions

Our services are flexible, our products in many cases custom built. We do not believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’-solutions; tailor made services is what we stand for. We move people.


We are leading in the global travel market. Our service levels are unparalleled, consistent across the globe and drill down your travel expenses. Global Solutions, Locally Managed.